Yike Technology (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd

  • Elec. component
  • Life & Tech
    Tablet Personal Computer case
    Phone case
    Audio Products
    Bar Ware
    Beauty Product
    LED Lamp
    Diving equipment and accessories
    Full set
  • Toys
    Play N Learn
    Amazing Body
    Little village Barber Shop
    Let's Pretend
    Play Centre
    Pet Fun
    Barber Shop
    General Play
    Play set
    Construction Crew
    Little Village
    Girls Play Set
    Dr. steele
    Smart Car
  • Other
    Sundry Product

Company Introduction

Yike Technology (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is headquartered in LongHua District, ShenZhen, GuangDong Province. The operation is carried out by professionals with decades of professional experience, and research and development products with customers. Beginning start from electronic component sales & acquired Concord Pacific (Asia) Ltd at 2015. After years of development, it has become a professional Component sales , OEM designated by authorized customers suppliers and ODM producers, We have an turnover of more than $20 million.
The operation team is responsible for research and development of products and production quality control, including Electronic Products, Plastics Product (Include Toys), Stuffed Plush, Sewing, Ceramics, Zinc Alloy etc., Involving work with more than 100 factories, use up to 8,000 employees. Customers only need to provide product design drawing, samples or concept. We can solve all the problems from development to delivery for our customers. Produced using environmentally friendly materials. The product is shipped after multiple tests have reached international standard.  The factory also passes ICTI, ISO, Disney, Anti-terrorism and other certifications.
Our aim is to reduce costs and create value centers for our customers! Dedication to provide the most professional customized services for the new and old customers, and strive to create a professional OEM custom first brand! Our team uses professional cognition to help customers solve problems, work hard and sweat to fight for customers, constantly improve their comprehensive ability and competitive advantage, and let customers hand over to our company to become the first step for customers to make profits!

Company Concept

Development Direction:Focus on the world, committed to development into a smaert brand. Company Positioning:     Practical smart world leader. Business Philosophy:       We care about more humanized technology. simpler, better use is the concept we pursue.